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From track 1 to 14 of their first live CD release, English Mountain Boys is a progressive bluegrass band that their sound finishes writing their bio descriptions. A family continues the long tradition of performing together for the past 30+ years. Their unique sound cannot be compared to any other local group around. EMB believes music is more than just mere entertainment. Music has the ability to impact the soul of everyone who comes in contact with the word and melody of the songs performed. Our passion for music is found through the songs we sing about living life in the hills of East Tennessee. For many of us, it has been a song that has uplifted the spirits during the tough times of life. And it has been a song that has been used to celebrate the good times of life. What would those times be without being around such wonderful people as our friends, family, and fans! And God knows we've all seen those tough times lately!! Being inspired by such great tunes from today and yesterday, we enjoy songs that speak to the soul and the hear of everyone!
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Group members bio:
Charles Ownby (Instrumentalist, Vocalist) – Music for me began back at age 5 where I was the only one that picked up the guitar in the family.  As one of the vocalist, I joined the family singing in many places north and east of the Mississippi River.  During that time I also learned the banjo and mandolin.  Up on settling down in East Tennessee, I played several years in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge at various events.  Then in April, 1975, I formed the Gospel Carriers, named by our son Curtis Henderson, as musician, sound engineer, and vocalist until retirement in 1993.   During that time, I have served as music director for 12 years at various churches before my retirement in 1993 from music.  Of course retirement did consist of playing bass and guitar for local churches.  Then in retirement, I have formed English Mountain Boys with my two sons, Lynn and Bryon.  Now I am looking forward to being back out of retirement.  

Bryon Ownby (Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Sound Engineer, Promoter, Producer) – After three years of formal lessons, age 8 my parents put on stage playing with the Gospel Carriers and to later join the vocal team and become the sound engineer.  As a young one, I also was pianist and organist for several local churches and formed several youth choirs.  Then in 1993, I took a sabbatical for six years for a non music degree at ESTU.  Afterwards I came back as keyboardist for several local church’s praise and worship bands.  In the last few years, I have led several praise and worship teams, member of a local christian rock band in the area.  In the mean time, served as music director for several theatrical productions utilizing some of today's contemporary music hits and original underscoring.  I also help my dad and brother to form English Mountain Boys as one of the instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and sound engineer.  Now on to no more sabbaticals!

Lynn Ownby (Instrumentalist, Vocalist) – My summer at age 5 was spent learning the bass guitar and a couple of years later joined in with the Gospel Carriers and progressed to vocalist and assistant sound engineer.  Later in 1993 when the group retired, I continued on as musician with local churches and picked up the mandolin.  Then shortly after high school, I help to form English Mountain Boys with my dad and brother Bryon.
Other Band Members:

Irene Ownby (Vocalist) – At an early age, my brother was given a guitar and it’s been music ever since.  I was vocalist and with my husband, Charles, help to form the Gospel Carriers until our retirement in 1993.  (PS…special thanks to mom who serves as the group’s nutritionist, encourager, and prayer warrior, and everything else in between).   

Shelia Ownby (Our biggest fan!) – Good music is something that I thoroughly enjoy and love spending time supporting the band members on this project.


Listen to a few samples from their CD as we know that will make you want to purchase the whole CD. 
English Mountain Boys - Jammin' Live 2010
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Jammin' Live 2010 Project:

This CD was recorded at Foothills Antique Tractor and Engine 14th annual show.  This recording session has been long overdue ever since the group was formed in 2005 as they brought out their father partially out of music retirement to begin again.  Check out a few of the samples below from their CD  release on May 14, 2011!

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Jammin' Live 2010 by English Mountain Boys

If you would like to schedule English Mountain Boys for your next musical event, please contact Bryon Ownby at bryon.ownby@rockcreekstudios.com or 865.356.1911.



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