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English Mountain Boys
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We are restructing everything at this time and not performing any business functions.  If you are interested in any of our services, please do give us a call!

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Yep, that's what we call it folks.  Com'on down to the creek and pick yaself a rock and let's chat.  Music, music from the hills and valleys - an integral part of our everyday lives whether we admit this or not. 
At RCS, we enjoy working with those who have come to our little place in the world.  We are here to serve the talented and experienced artist as they capture the essence of life today, yesterday, and in the future with words and sounds - called music.  Our RCS team has either perfomred or it's one of our MP3 players the many music genre's we have today ranging from Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Priase and Worship, Country, and Bluegrass. 

Browse around to get to know us and check out our artist page for project highlights that we have completed and scheduled to be released soon.  If you truly enjoy a sample project, go head, click on the Pay Pal link and purchase the whole project to enrich your life through music. 
Disclosure: Life is a journey, so is building a website...